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101 Top iPad Apps for Kids
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Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
The Pete and Sneakers Bath and Bedtime Show
Sound Seeker
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Best 100 Educational Apps
2-4 years old      5-6 years old
7-8 years old       9-11 years old

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Preschool Zoo Puzzles
Preschool Zoo Puzzles is an excellent, free app that helps kids develop many different skills, the names and sounds of animals, and offers 16 different languages. The monkey, music and bold HD graphics make the app engaging for toddlers. 4.5/5 stars

Things parents will like:
- The app is free.
- The activities all involve animals and include a jigsaw puzzle, a matching game, spot the difference and selecting the right animal.
- The monkey is a fun teacher
- The graphics are colorful and will grab a child's attention
- The music is fun and upbeat
- There is positive feedback
- The animal sounds are added in to help kids learn
- There are stickers for rewards
- The games are available in 16 languages
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Pocket Egg Race
Pocket Egg Race is a fun game that keeps kids engaged with all sorts of activities that involve the chicken and the egg. It is truly unique and helps kids develop problem solving skills. In addition, kids can dress their chick and record what it will say. 4.5/5 stars.

Things parents will like:
- The app has 10 micro adventures where kids have fun and learn
- The game can be played alone or against one opponent
- Kids can record what their chick will say
- It's very involving
- It's a board game with a spinning wheel
- The app moves the pieces on its own
- You never know which activity will appear
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A fun, interactive calendar for 
both kids & parents. Kids learn 
to plan ahead & stay organized.
Selected by Apple as "New &
Noteworthy." 4.5/5 Stars
4KidCal app
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     Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
A storybook app for kids 8+ yrs 
with 45 pages of text, colorful 
illustrations & where a genie 
magical appears to grant wishes
4/5 Stars
Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
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Puzzle 4 Kids-Animals
Puzzle 4 Kids-Animals is a free jigsaw puzzle app that includes 30 different animals, animal sounds, voice over for additional support, and an easy to use interface for younger kids. There are also 11 different languages. 4/5 stars

Things parents will like:
- The app is a good value as the 30 puzzles are free
- There is positive feedback
- 11 different languages
- Easy to use
- There is animation, sound and easy movement between puzzles
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Words & Blocks-Lite
Words & Blocks-Lite is a great way to help children to learn to spell and identify words through pictures. The app integrates animation, colorful images, and two activities that help kids learn 26 three to five letter words. This is a free app and simple for young kids to use. 4.0/5 stars.

Things parents will like:
- The app is free.
- There many basic words for kids to learn how to spell
- The activities include a spelling game and a matching game that requires selecting the correct picture that matches the word in the card
- The spelling game lets your child hear the sound of the word 
- There are options for hints as well as drag/drop
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Worditt Free
Worditt Free is a challenging, fun word game that will get children thinking of and spelling 4, 5 and 6 letter words. The object of the game is to guess the missing word and to figure out which letters to select and in their right location to spell the mystery word. 4/5 stars

Things parents will like:
- The app is free
- Kids can use letters to spell words they know and discover new words
- The app is an excellent value--with 150 levels and 1,400 4, 5 and 6 letter words
- The app adds in tips that will help kids get to the right answer
​- Kids get rewarded for figuring out the correct word
- The words get more difficult so kids won't be bored with easy words to guess.
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Tower Zoo
Tower Zoo is a fascinating and addicting 3D puzzle game that requires children to think strategically and tactically--with a level of difficulty somewhere between checkers and chess. While "Tower Zoo" is a game, it truly is an excellent way for kids to think at a deeper level and plan their tactics to win.  4.5/5 stars

Things parents will like:
- It requires kids to think about strategy and tactics
- The visuals are excellent and provides multiple ways to view the game board
- It is challenging and addicting
- It is a great value--it is free!
- Kids can play against the computer/app or a friend
- There are lots of options with 90 unique boards, and three levels of difficulty
- There is a story connected to the game
​- Did we mention it is addicting? Your kids will play this app over and over and over again!
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Up and Down
Up and Down is a storybook app with multiple activities for younger kids. The app uses simple but colorful illustrations and original music. 3.5/5 stars.

Things parents will like:
- The storybook is interactive
- There are puzzles and coloring pages
- The music is unique and friendly
- It is a free app
- There are four languages: English, Spanish, French and Arabic
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I Love Mountains
I Love Mountains is an impressive, interactive storybook that teaches children all about mountains in a simple, yet powerful way. The app makes it very easy for kids to use with it's clever use of design and instruction. The information about mountains covers how mountains are formed, located, and much much more. 4.0/5 stars.

Things parents will like:
- It's educational
- It's free
- The voice over is kid-friendly and done by the author Sloan Graham
- It makes learning about mountains fun
- It cover mountains, plants and animals that live on the mountains
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Sound Seeker
For children 4-6 years old, a 
great game to help kids learn 
to spell and read using initial 
sounds of the objects pictured.
4/5 Stars
Sound Seeker