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101 Top iPad Apps for Kids
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Sound Seeker
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What it is:

Apps that teach small children to recognize animals and their sounds are popular, and “Animals Zoo—Interactive Flash Cards--Jungle Wild Life Farm Pets Animal Sounds Kids Learning Game HD” is a good one to add to the list.

How it Works:

Touch “play” from the main menu to bring up the first “flash card.” A full screen graphical background comes up with an illustration an animal, such as “horse.” The word is displayed in large, colorful text across the top of the screen. Touch the word and a voiceover says “horse.” Touch the picture of the horse and it moves then “neighs.” Soft music plays in the background the entire time. Touch the forward arrow in the upper right corner of the screen to advance to the next flash card.

There are 40 different animal flash cards with this app, all from a number of categories including jungle wildlife, farm and sea animals, pets, birds and endangered species. Each animal has its own special animation and all of the flash cards have a consistent, illustrated look. On the settings menu there is an option to scroll through all of the animal pages, and there is even an option to email any of the animal pages to someone else.

What it Teaches/Develops:

This app teaches kids animal recognition, the sounds they make and the words that go with them. Using repetition and consistency, children will quickly learn and remain engaged. The large number of animals will keep kids busy and they will come back to their favorite animals over and over again.

The Good:

The app is simple to navigate and the illustrations are nice. There are 40 different animals, which is great for a free app. Parents don’t need to pay to purchase additional animals or download a “full” version. Small children will enjoy hearing the animal sounds and watching each graphic’s animation. Each page has a similar appearance, so kids will know exactly what to do on each screen. The background music also adds to the overall experience.

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Animals Zoo - Interactive Flash Cards - Jungle Wild Life Farm Pets Animal Sounds Kids Learning Game HD - TabTale LTD
Animals Zoo-Interactive Flash Cards

Animals Zoo-Interactive Flash Cards (iPad & iPhone)

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This is an easy, educational app for small children that parents can add to their list. Kids will enjoy hearing the animal sounds and watching the animated graphics. With 40 different animal pages, it will give them plenty to explore.
Animals Zoo-Interactive Flash Cards
Date published: 02/14/2012
4 / 5 stars