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101 Top iPad Apps for Kids
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Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
The Pete and Sneakers Bath and Bedtime Show
Sound Seeker
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123 Kids Fun All in One
123 Kids Fun All in One is a fully loaded app with 12 different educational games for younger kids. $2.99 iPhone & iPad

ABC Day by Hompimplay
Younger kids can read, write, play and sing in ABC Day. This app is designed to help kids learn the alphabet with fun activities and music. $1.99 iPhone & iPad

abc Pocket Phonics Lite by Apps in My Pocket Ltd
abc Pocket Phonics Lite is a good way to help children learn their letter sounds, practice writing each letter and begin spelling simple words. Free iPhone & iPad

A is for action in this exciting new alphabet game, $2.99 iPad

AlphaBaby Free by Little Potato Software
Through repetition, this app teaches small children letter, shape, number and color recognition. Each time they interact with one of the items it reinforces the name of that item through sight, touch and sound. It also helps them begin to learn how to classify each into their own category. Free iPhone & iPad

Baby Flash Cards 450+ flashcards by eFlashApps, LLC
This app teaches toddlers the words for more than 450 objects they encounter in their daily lives. They will learn by sight as well as by sound, and the repetition will improve their memory of these objects. They can also begin to recognize the words for them. Free iPhone & iPad

Start your child reading with this phonics-based interactive game. The simple drag-and-drop interface can be used by the youngest children. Your favorite Bob Books characters and full-color animations encourage kids along the path of learning to read. $3.99 iPhone & iPad

This app will help your child make the connection between letters and sounds, sound out simple words and spell the words they’ve read. $3.99 iPhone & iPad

Chungaboo Language Series by Chungaboo
English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, and Italian – your child can start to speak any one of these languages with this bright and bold flashcard series. Free iPhone & iPad

Help Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone give Jetta ideas of things to paint by spelling words. $0.99 iPhone & iPad

Dora Kids x Shuffle Fun by Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions Co., Ltd.
Young kids must shuffle picture cards of animals or dinosaurs that are divided in three parts and make them whole again in Shuffle Fun. This is a cool, fun way for younger kids to learn the names of animals and dinosaurs Free iPhone & iPad

It has songs and videos about letters. It has coloring pages and games about letters. It has all the letters from A to Z! Elmo even made a new alphabet song for it. $4.99 iPad

Learn to trace, read, write and record letter sounds, names, and phonograms, based on the proven methodology of Montessori. $4.99 iPhone & iPad

Little Writer-The Tracing App for Kids by Innovative Mobile Apps
A great iPad app for toddlers and preschool kids as it makes tracing fun which makes learning how to write letters, numbers, shapes, and words fun as well. Free iPhone & iPad.

Best iPad Apps for 2-4 years old. Subject: Language and Reading

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A great app for pre-readers who will learn letter sounds (phonics) and not letter names! $2.99 iPhone & iPad

My First Words Baby Picture dictionary by Teknowledge Software 
To help teach babies and toddlers the words for common objects, My First Word Baby Picture Dictionary uses large photographs, a clear voiceover and simple navigation that will keep small children interested and engaged. Free iPhone & iPad

My First Words - Flashcards by Alligator Apps by Innovative Mobile Apps
Teaching babies and toddlers beginning words is such an important development milestone, and My First Words—Flashcards by Alligator Apps does an amazing job at it. This app uses bright, colorful “flash cards” with voiceovers to help young children learn more than 200 common words. Free iPhone & iPad

Phonics Genius by Innovative Mobile Apps
Phonics Genius has gone phonics-crazy with over 6,000 words grouped by phonic sounds. This app teaches kids words through phonics, both reading words and how to speak them. Free iPhone & iPad

Sight Words List by Innovative Mobile Apps
Sight Words List—Learn to Read Flash Cards & Games uses interactive flashcards to teach children common sight words in an easy to navigate environment. Free iPhone & iPad

​Tales2Go by Tales2Go, Inc
Tales2Go is an innovative app that brings thousands of audiobooks to kids, who will enjoy listening to great stories and improve their vocabulary. Listening to audio stories gets kids involved, inspired and tap their imagination.  Free iPhone & iPad

TeachMe: Toddler is an educational app which teaches six different age appropriate subjects: letters, abc phonics (letter sounds), numbers, shapes, colors and counting. $0.99 iPhone & iPad

Toddlers Puzzles PUZZINGO by 77Sparx Studio, Inc.
Unwrap the presents, take out the animals, objects, and more...and then make sure they’re put back in their proper places! Free iPhone & iPad

Wee Alphas from Wee Society is an interactive book and game app designed for preschoolers and their parents to play together. $2.99 iPad