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101 Top iPad Apps for Kids
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What it is:

"Concentration-The Attention Trainer HD" is a comprehensive educational app for preschoolers and kindergarten children. It provides 20 different games, called tasks, that develop memorization, concentration and counting skills. In addition, it provides 3 minute training sessions, stickers as rewards, the ability to track results, and 10 levels of difficulty.

How it Works:

The main menu of the app has four choices: tasks, training, sticker album an training results. A woman voice-over helps to provide the instruction and provide positive feedback.

Tasks: This is where your child can select from 20 different games that develop a variety of skills, which include:

Ear Training: Listen to a sound and match it to an object
Puzzles: Aseemble puzzles pieces 
Finding Friends: Matching up friends
Look Closely: Matching items
Find the Differences: Finding mistakes between pictures 
Which is the same: Matching items
Seek and find: Which is different
Tap all: Tap all items that are similar
What's Changed: Memorize items and select what's changed
Drums: Memorize the order of sounds from different drums
Where is: Memorize the cards and find the correct symbol
Wheel of Color: Memorize the right order
What color: What color is an item
Outlines: How many of an item outlined is shown
Number search: Which number is missing, for example
How you see: Counting items
Hearing Numbers: Listen and write what you hear
Ordering: Memorize an order
Complete the series: Find the right item to complete a sequence

The Good:

This app provides a comprehenisve range of tasks that are fun for kids, along with positive reinforcement. In addition, parents can track their child's progress.


The app is easy to use and challenging for kids. It helps children to improve their skills with different levels of difficulty.
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Concentration - The Attention Trainer HD - Tivola Publishing GmbH

Concentration-The Attention Trainer-Tivola Publishing GMbH (iPad)

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This app teaches children a wide variety of skills including memorization, concentration, observation, counting and more.
Concentration-The Attention Trainer
Date published: 07/28/2012
4 / 5 stars