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101 Top iPad Apps for Kids
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"Crossword Puzzles for Kids" is very simple for even young kids to use.  The app provides two different styles of crosswords--classic and riddles.

Select the "classic crosswords" and your child will be able to select a number to start a puzzle.  The puzzle appears with a small illustration in front of each word that needs to be completed.  This illustration is the word that needs to be spelled. The letters for each word in the crossword are provided under the puzzle. Your child drags a letter into the square that spells the correct word.

When the puzzle is solved correctly, there is the sound of applause.  The next puzzle, which is more challenging, is found by selecting the forward arrow.

If your child gets stuck, by selecting the "question mark" button, the squares with letters fill in with different colors.  These colors help your child to solve the puzzle as they connect to the colors of the squares with the letters.

The "crosswords-riddles" style is the same as the classic one, except there is a question mark symbol in front of one of the missing words.  By completing the other words in the puzzle, this missing word is completed and the illustration of this word replaces the question mark.

Overall, "Crossword Puzzles for Kids" is an easy app for kids to use and will help with vocabulary and spelling.  In addition, as the puzzles become more challenging, solving these puzzle will stimulate more learning and reasoning skills.

There are 48 crosswords with more than 300 words in categories including animals, food, clothes, and colors. 

Our video will show you how the app works, including the color coded system that helps in solving a crossword puzzle.

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Crossword Puzzles for Kids - Lyubov Zhivova
Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Crossword Puzzles for Kids - Lyubov Zhivova (iPad & iPhone)

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"Crossword Puzzles for Kids" is an educational app that makes it more fun to learn and practice vocabulary, spelling and reasoning skills. If a child gets stuck in solving a crossword, there is less frustration as the app provides color coding to help match letters to the correct squares. In addition, if a kid's parent likes crosswords, this app will feel even more like a recreational activity.
Crossword Puzzles for Kids
Date published: 11/18/2012
4 / 5 stars