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101 Top iPad Apps for Kids
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Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
The Pete and Sneakers Bath and Bedtime Show
Sound Seeker
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How it works:

Lucky the Leprechaun asks your child a series of questions using the illustrations of shapes, sizes and colors. 

Lucky asks questions that pertain to the eight games in the app including:

1. Identify a requested shape. There are many different shapes in the app and range from triangle to oval to hexagon.

2. Jigsaw puzzle. Assembly a shape from the pieces.

3. Matching game. Match the shapes that are on the back of the cards.  .

4. Identify the smallest shape from those provided.

5. Identify the largest shape from those provided.

6. Count the shapes--up to 10. 

7. Identify the color of the shapes. 

8. Identify which shape is different. 

Overall, young kids will enjoy the interaction from Lucky and learn at the same time.  To get a better idea if this app is right for your child, check out our video of the app in use.

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Explore and Learn Shapes

Explore and Learn Shapes- Mediakitchen.-(iPad & iPhone)

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"Explore and Learn Shapes" has a range of fun, educational games using shapes for kids 2-5 years old. Lucky the Leprechaun is an entertaining character that asks kids what to do and provides feedback. When kids answer the questions correctly, a gold coin is dropped into Lucky's pot of gold.
Date published: 02/11/2013
3.5 / 5 stars