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101 Top iPad Apps for Kids
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Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
The Pete and Sneakers Bath and Bedtime Show
Sound Seeker
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"I Love Mountains" is an impressive, interactive storybook that teaches children all about mountains in a simple, yet powerful way.  The app makes it very easy for kids to use with it's clever use of design and instruction.  The information about mountains covers how mountains are formed, located, and much much more.   4.0/5 stars.

Things parents will like:
- It's educational
- It's free
- The voice over is kid-friendly and done by the author Sloan Graham
- It makes learning about mountains fun
- It cover mountains, plants and animals that live on the mountains

Things parents should be aware of:
- It may be get too complicated for younger kids
- There are only 19 pages 
- There is no privacy policy but this app does not appear to collect any personal information from children.

Get this app if your kids have any interest in learning about mountains--or if you want your kids to learn more about them.  Our video will help you decide.


I Love Mountains

I Love Mountains - Forest Giant, Inc. (iPad)

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