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101 Top iPad Apps for Kids
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Sound Seeker
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How it Works:

After launching the app kids are taken to a screen with a colorful song machine. Inside this song machine is an image that represents a song from a certain country. There are eight images that represent eight countries, such as the United Kingdom, China and the Alps. The corresponding songs are “London Bridges is Falling Down,” “Under the Dragon,” and “Yo de le hi ho!” 

Select “Go” to start a song. For example, when your child selects the red, double-decker bus, it leads to an animated, colorful scene with the red, double-decker bus in London. A children’s voiceover sings the London bridges song while highlighted lyrics appear on the screen. The scenes are also interactive. Tap on the screen and a variety of animation takes place.

To get to a new song select “Push.” The gears on the song machine move and stop on another image. This new image represents a new song. Push “Go!” to start the sing-along fun.

What it Teaches/Develops:

This app is a good way to expose kids to songs from other countries and learn different sounds and song styles. They can learn the words, many of which will be new for them, and can sing along to the words on the screen. 

The Good:

This is a fun, highly interactive app that uses songs and images that are popular in foreign countries. It adds the lyrics to the song so children can learn to read the words. The addition of rich, colorful graphics and the animation will keep a child’s interest for quite some time.


There is a free version available that only has one song, but kids will no doubt want the full version. This is a fun, captivating sing-along app, and children can spend hours exploring, playing and singing. 
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Kids Song Machine 2 - Around the World HD - Genera Kids

Kids Song Machine 2 - Around the World HD - Genera Kids (iPad & iPhone)

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Exploring music from other cultures is a great educational tool, and “Kids Song Machine 2-Around the World HD” provides kids with an opportunity to learn songs from other countries. It has eight songs that kids can learn the words and sing along with the music.
Kids Song Machine 2 - Around the World
Date published: 02/12/2012
4 / 5 stars