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101 Top iPad Apps for Kids
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The app opens with a selection to start the app, a tutorial, or extras.  The extras include 5 different songs, two match games, and 4 images.  The start button leads to Little Julen who explains "means of transportation," key words used in the app, and a visual where their are 4 locations to explore and an evaluation exam.

Our video shows what happens when the big city image is selected and the means of transportation in a city.  Check out our video and it will help you decide if "Means of Transportation" is right for your child.
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Means of Transportation

Means of Transportation-Iker Ortega (iPad)

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"Means of Transportation" helps kids to learn the different ways people get transported and the characteristics and sounds these vehicles make. The app uses a character named Little Julen who helps kids explore four different locations. The app is simple to use and includes evaluation questions.
Means of Transportation
Date published: 01/06/2013
3.5 / 5 stars