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101 Top iPad Apps for Kids
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Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
The Pete and Sneakers Bath and Bedtime Show
Sound Seeker
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How it Works:

This interactive story takes your child on a journey where Plug and his friends go from a safe, routine environment called the Plex to one where a bolt of lightning abruptly changes their world and are faced with a world outside the Plex.

Your child will help Plug & the Paddywhacks throughout this adventure. There are voices for the narration and the characters in the story.

The first issue is free and ends in an exciting cliff hanger--leading your kids to want to know what happens next. The purchase of additional issues is $0.99 each or you can buy Season 1 for $5.99.

Watch our video of the app in use and you will see why kids will love this storybook iPad app.

What it Teaches/Develops:

This app encourages kids to learn some important life lessons through the adventure with Plug and his friends.

The Good:

The entire design of this app is excellent with the original music and distinctive illustrations. It is incredibly creative and takes on some important issues that young kids can embrace.

Additional Reviews:

Kirkus Reviews:
"Especially for an app aimed at young readers, it's a pleasant surprise that its subtext of loss and redemption is so resonant....

Tech 4 Mommies:
"My kids loooooved playing with this interactive book..."

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Plug & The Paddywhacks - Scholar & Saint

Plug and the Paddywhacks-Scholar & Saint (iPad & iPhone)

"Plug and the Paddywhacks" is a highly engaging, interactive storybook iPad app that young kids will enjoy and learn about choices, redemption and more.
Plug and the Paddywhacks
Date published: 05/07/2012
5 / 5 stars