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101 Top iPad Apps for Kids
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The story:

In "the tale of a snowflake" a girl watches the snow falling and reaches out to take a snowflake in her hand--it's a talking snowflake!  The snowflake tells the story on how she started as a drop of water in the ocean and floated up to the sky one hot summer day (evaporation).  

In the sky the evaporated drops of water combined and formed clouds (condensation). The wind took the clouds to different places, and where some drops formed into rain (precipitation).

When the weather turned cold the snowflake got heavy and fell to the ground as snow.  As the snowflake explains how this cycle keeps the water on earth fairly constant, the snowflake melts away.

The girl waves goodbye and says "Bye snowflake, see you later."

Throughout this story, things on the screen are interactive with a tap of a finger, including funny shapes for the clouds and the lightning and thunder. There are also short explanations for evaporation, condensation and precipitation.

​The app has both English & Persian (Farsi) versions.

The video from AppTalia is posted on the page to help you decide if the app is right for your child.

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The tale of a snowflake (Water Cycle)

The tale of a snowflake (Water Cycle)- AppTalia (iPad & iPhone)

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Every child is fascinated with the appearance of snow coming down from the sky. In "The tale of a snowflake" every child will be delighted by this app's beautiful imagery and friendly storytelling on the cycle of a snowflake--from water to snow and back to water again.
The tale of a snowflake (Water Cycle)
Date published: 12/03/2012
4 / 5 stars
The video is from the app developer, AppTalia: