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101 Top iPad Apps for Kids
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Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
The Pete and Sneakers Bath and Bedtime Show
Sound Seeker
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"Tower Zoo" is a fascinating and addicting 3D puzzle game that requires children to think strategically and tactically--with a level of difficulty somewhere between checkers and chess.  While "Tower Zoo" is a game, it truly is an excellent way for kids to think at a deeper level and plan their tactics to win. 
4.5/5 stars

Things parents will like:
- It requires kids to think about strategy and tactics
- The visuals are excellent and provides multiple ways to view the game board
- It is challenging and addicting
- It is a great value--it is free!
- Kids can play against the computer/app or a friend
- There are lots of options with 90 unique boards, and three levels of difficulty
- There is a story connected to the game
​- Did we mention it is addicting?  Your kids will play this app over and over and over again!

Things parents should be aware of:
- The first few times your kids use this app, don't be surprised if they lose to the computer/app. That's okay, since kids will pick up the game quickly and improve.
- There are ads in the app
- There are in-app purchases

Get this app for your kids.  It really is a super, fun exercise in strategic thinking. It is a lot more than your typical puzzle app.


Tower Zoo

Tower Zoo - MiniWorldGames (iPad & iPhone)

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